About Us 

The Company

IPSA - International Protect & Security Agency is a niche provider of professional protective services and security solutions for corporate clients, organizations and individuals worldwide.

About IPSA

IPSA - international protect & security agency eU was founded in 2004 by Sascha Steurer and is a state-licensed agency with a focus on personal security and protection, security management and special services in the field of security. 2009, IPSA entered into the commercial register and the business name, as well as the company logo become legally protected. IPSA is based in the city of Vienna / Austria.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide professional protective services and security solutions that exceed our clients expectations and needs with an emphasis on value, integrity and professionalism. We are an employee focused, customer driven agency with an enthusiastic desire to meet the distinctive goals of each of our clients through quality practices and unique solutions.

Our Services

We are conscious that security is an important and vital element of any person as well as of any business, however, its integration must be seamless and without hindering the normal living conditions or without disruption to normal business practices. Therefore, our services are designed to mitigate threats and risks with viable, common sense, and practical solutions; with a focus on ‘minimal impact’ to the client and their organisation.

We are dedicated to provide our clients with the highest professional service in the industry.

What makes us different to others?

As a client of IPSA you will always receive the personal attention of our management team. Our core vision is to never grow so large that we are unable to maintain a close working relationship with you and your company. We are abailable on call 24 hours a day.

The Management

Our CEO alone brings over 20 years of comprehensive security management experience in the business. His expertise covers a military career, long years of diplomatic security experience, countless training and further education in the area of strategic and physical security as well as the extensive international operational experience in a management position.

Real World Experience

Physical protection is one of the most exclusive and oldest professions in the world. There are still however, only a handful of companies that thoroughly evaluate their own services or bring their employees up to date with the latest regulations. We place the highest value on constantly evaluating our services and staying aware of all current developments related to the security world. We do not operate on 'sure formula' basis - We analyse and outline each assignment from the start. Each commissioned team is subject to providing strict documentation, to allow us not only a better quality management, but also to give our clients a transparent overview of the team`s activities. We are a corperate where experience matters and we serve with experience you can trust!

Trustworthy and Reliable Staff

Our teams are selected based on their ability to adapt to ever-changing requirements, their professionalism, experience and knowledge within their respective areas of expertise, as well as on their client and vendor liaison skills. All of our agents have successfully passed stringent security screening and background investigations which is mandatory by the business licenses authority. In today's volatile security climate, it is very important to know who is protecting your business.

Quality assurance

IPSA is committed to assuring complete customer satisfaction.

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