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IPSA delivers innovative protective security and risk management solutions. Our intelligence-led protective security services enable client operations in an increasingly dynamic, complex and changing world.

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We live in a world of uncertainty; the world is forever changing at an ever accelerating pace. Life, society, business, international relations, and security risks are becoming more and more complex. Security is now a part of our everyday lives and in one way or another in virtually every decision we make. Our global environment has become more volatile, and societies exportations for security are higher than ever before.

Our staff at the IPSA are comprised of experienced men and women whom are all security and criminal vetted and come from vast security, military and law enforcement backgrounds.


In a male dominated profession, female protection agents continue to be in high demand! This demand is due to several reasons:
- Female protection agents often build an instant rapport with their clients and blend in well in their environment. They do not look obviously like protection officers and can observe undisturbed and therefore react fast.
- Most female executives, in the corporate business world and the wealthy, can feel more at ease having a female agent at their side.
- A female agent can go places that a male agent cannot, and would not draw unwanted attention.
- Female agents are well organized, poised and able to remain calm under pressure.

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