Crisis Management

Safety and security are global concerns, which is why the principles of preparedness, service and quality know no borders at International Protect & Security Agency

Risk Management

The term Risk Management is defined as a continual cyclic process which includes risk assessment, risk decision making, and implementation of risk controls, which results in acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance of physical risk. At the IPSA we believe an effective crisis response is one that has been pre-planned and well-rehearsed. We will review personnel’s perceived or realized threats and concerns. We will audit corporate policies, procedures and property to analyze your degree of exposure. Together, we then develop and implement strategies of prevention and response.

A specific area or department can also undergo a security survey. The survey is performed during daylight and nighttime hours as well as business and non-business hours. This service will analyze the existing state of security and determine the degree of protection required. We provide you with a comprehensive, illustrated report upon completion of each security and risk analysis workplace investigation.

We work closely with on-site staff to determine the current security profile of the facility, identify potential risks and create user-friendly solutions to reduce the identified vulnerability.

Security Consulting

Many clients worldwide seek our support to manage security-related projects on a temporary or permanent basis. Companies often lack the in-house capability to satisfy all security requirements. IPSA can fill this shortfall by deploying cooperated, embedded consultants for a specific task, passing on sector-specific knowledge that clients may not possess in-house. These consultants provide professional advice, tailoring strategies and tactics based on our intimate understanding of our clients’ operating environments.

When operating in challenging or hostile environments, having a comprehensive but concise security plan in place enables our clients to both mitigate the risks to their projects and react effectively to incidents. Our modular approach to security planning makes our solutions flexible and adaptable to many different environments.

Corperate Security

Organisations face a multitude of risks from external threats (crime, violence, protests etc.) and/or insider threats (sabotage, bullying, false accounting etc.) which can be caused by their business activities or where the activities are taking place. Implementing a corporate security initiative can assist in the prevention of physical harm to your people or property. IPSA will work closely with your existing corporate security team, or aid in the creation and training of a team, to ensure that your company has a solid implemented security & safety solution available.

At IPSA, working with major corporations to establish executive security is one of our key competencies. We work closely with our clients to eliminate security breaches and to recommend security programs. Our team of specially trained agents also works with the legal staffs and executive committees to process any threatening activity and will testify during trials about their discoveries during their investigations.


The first step in preparing an organization for the threat of terrorism is accurate analysis of the risk situation. However, many companies lack the knowledge and tools to conduct complete and accurate assessments of terrorism related risk. IPSA consultants fill this void by providing expert guidance on critical issues such as threat assessment, security evaluation, and countermeasures identification.

Our anti-terror experts use proven analysis and evaluation tools to provide accurate assessments of assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. Our assessments are also based on accurate and realistic design basis threats and threat scenarios - the product of decades of terrorism related research and analysis.

Our experts are all certified anti-terrorism officers and/or have been professionally trained in dealing with global terrorism.

If you have any enquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staffs are always on hand to help.

Discretion - Privacy

IPSA Specialists operate with absoulte discretion. Our adaptive methods provide complete protective services without compromising your freedom or privacy.

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