Special Operations

Large firms have advantages in being able to offer broad ranges of services and to take on more complex projects. Our company can compete effectively by specializing.

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance in close protective operations include a series of covert procedures and tactics that are designed and implemented in order to confirm or deny whether there is hostile surveillance of a principal, place or event. The aim of SD is to prevent a hostile act before it happens. Our combined knowledge of advanced surveillance methods and specialist counter surveillance techniques is what sets us apart when it comes to offering countermeasures advice and training.

Foreign governments and embassies employ these same-styled services across the globe, as a part of their enterprise-wide security-monitoring program. Often referred to as ‘anti-surveillance’ - IPSA, in association with the Security Business Institute, is able to offer training to organisations, wishing to advise staff of measures that can be undertaken to reduce the likelihood of them becoming the target of physcial surveillance.

All members of our counter surveillance unit has carried out covert surveillance detection services globally and gained sufficient experience in counter surviellance tasks

Our counter surveillance services can be implemented in response to a one-off incident or as part of an ongoing security programme.


According to statistics, more than one million people are being stalked by an ex-partner, secret admirer, or an infatuated mentally disturbed individual. Many stalkers form obsessions with their victim that can result in them progressing from the cyber-world to physical stalking. That obsession with their victim can also lead the stalker to become proficient in investigation techniques such as eliciting information and physical surveillance of their victim.

With our extensive experience and expertise since 2004, IPSA consultants will assist you, to uncover the surveillance activities of the person stalking you. The consultant in charge will also advise you how to use effective countermeasures that can disrupt the stalker’s plans and frustrate their efforts.

Once a stalker has been identified, we will advise you on how to obtain a relevant Court Order and we will personally cooperate with your law office.

Emergency Response

IPSA holds the understanding that special and specific security emergencies can arise at any time. Our company stands prepared to deploy a team of security professionals for emergency response missions within 24 to 48 hours after initial contact with our company. We have highly trained experts ready to assist in anti-terrorist security efforts or any emergency issues that arise.

Major incident response

When the situation turns critical, the rapid response medical team and security specialists facilitate evacuations or repatriations using medically equipped ground and air transportation, the services of close protection officers and other local resources. Emergency response teams will remain in constant contact with our client's stakeholders to ensure they are kept fully informed of the developing situation and actions taken.

Cash in Transit

We customize a transportation solution to get your valuables from here to elsewhere. With banking customers ranging from Retail, Municipal (Local and Federal), Educational, Healthcare, Non-Profit and more, they rely on our transportation escort service. We ensure your deposits are safe, insured, and delivered same or next day to their financial institutions. We strive to customize our routes to meet the time requirements our customers desire. If you are seeking regular, one time, local or long distance transportation service, we will be happy to discuss.

All of our employees, cash-in-transit and Security officers, are licensed to carry firearms individually and corporately. In addition, they are trained in surveilance and counter surveilance techniques and more.

Contact our office for a quote or for more information on how we can help your business.

Private Investigations

Our investigation services produce results for investigations wordlwide. Whether you are concerned about a spouse or your company’s assets, know-how or staff, our multi-talented organisation possess expertise in private, corporate, commercial and legal investigations globally. We provide a 24-hour service 7 days a week to react swiftly to your private investigation requirements.

We are specialist in:

We are specialist and are one of the leading private investigator companies based in Austria, we have managed a broad range of private investigation cases worldwide including:

  • Matrimonial and relationship investigations if you are worried that a spouse or partner may be having an affair.
  • Corporate and commercial investigations if you believe that company fraud or theft might be taking place.
  • Company and employee background checks to see whom you are dealing with
  • Electronic surveillance with the latest technology.
  • Criminal Defence Process serving with national and international coverage.
  • Tracing Enquiries to trace a long lost friend or relative.
  • If you have any enquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staffs are always on hand to help.

    Discretion - Privacy

    IPSA Specialists operate with absoulte discretion. Our adaptive methods provide complete protective services without compromising your freedom or privacy.

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