Mobile Security

IPSA's Travel Risk assistance and response solution lets you customize the support you provide to your travelers, based on each individual or incident.

Travel Security Assistance

IPSA provides Travel Security advisors to escort you when travelling fully advised in providing full support in challenging and developing countries including post conflict countries or countries still in a state of civil unrest. Our advisors are professional, discrete and provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that you have someone at your side to assist you whenever you need them to or in unforeseen circumstances.

Travel Security advisors will operate as part of your team supporting your activities in person and remotely, as you require. We can help you implement the travel policies that will protect your staff abroad. And we can empower you to respond immediately in the event of an emergency to bring your people home unharmed.

Our Travel Security advisors can travel globally from your place of business to your destination ensuring that you, your cargo if any arrive at your destination safely and conduct your business in a safe environment.

Licensed Security Driver

Maybe a full-scale protective detail is not what you need, IPSA can provide a licensed security driver to reduce any threats or risk during a vulnerable time or transportation. Our Security Drivers provide the safest, most comfortable environment for our clients so they can carry on with their normal business or leisure lifestyles.

All Security Drivers go thru evasive driving classes including collision avoidance, surveillance detection training, vehicle bomb search techniques and are trained to recognize potential threats that could escalate to danger. Drivers are also trained to choose appropriate routes with alternate routes and consider emergency evacuation tactics as they design the safest routes around unpredictable schedules.

You can also be confident in the knowledge your driver is an expert in his/her field and has been trained to react to the ever changing road conditions and all weathers situations. Our drivers are also trained in first aid and CPR.

Hostile Environment Protection

Global companies operating in risk environments sometimes require a company that can deploy into hostile environments in support of their activities. This is especially the case when considering energy companies, mining companies, financial companies and specialist construction companies. IPSA are specialist in providing current and mission specific security, intelligence and life support to companies, high net-worth individuals, NGO`s and other professionals that may requires hostile environment protection services.

We understand that close protection and hostile environment operations will usually require a number of special instructions. We are always happy to offer our advice on any special requirements that you may request.

IPSA have the ability to deploy a single operator or close protection team to any part of the world within 48 - 72 hours, visas and flights permitting.

Convoy Escort Teams

Organizations & commercial entities require specifically focused and accurate detailed information on the stability and local security when transporting equipment, humanitarian aid or high value cargo. This information is an important part of operational planning and is synchronised with pre-emptive and responsive security measures when traveling in developing countries or remote locations in post conflict countries.

IPSA provides Convoy Escort Teams in some of the world’s most hostile countries. Our convoy escort service is effective and a pre-emptive security measure minimizing your exposure to a criminal or insurgent incident when transporting valuable cargo to destinations in challenging or problematic locations in countries with ongoing security issues.

Our convoy security specialists are highly trained and all process exceptional skills and experience from operating in changing environments. IPSA can supply consultants to travel with your shipment from any pick up point globally to its destination providing the required security measures to safeguard against any criminal incident, with daily updates whilst in transit.

If you have any enquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staffs are always on hand to help.

Discretion - Privacy

IPSA Specialists operate with absoulte discretion. Our adaptive methods provide complete protective services without compromising your freedom or privacy.

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