Protective Services

Executive protection should never be mistaken for body guarding. Our belief is that the best executive protection services are based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals.

Executive Protection

Trained in accordance with the highest industry standards, modelled after Secret Service Diplomatic Dignitary security protocols our protection professionals specialize in proactive security tactics designed to detect, assess, and neutralize risks before they become dangerous situations. We have built a reputation on our sophisticated level of professionalism, discretion, and acute judgment. You can rely on a dependable and consistent standard of service for physical security.

We believe that executive protective services should be both effective and as unobtrusive as possible and that the quality and professionalism of personnel is more important than the number utilized.

Our experienced male and female agents are committed to provide the highest level of professional and confidential service to assure a principal is protected from any abstract or concrete threats and guarantee that the client is able to continue with its day-to-day business while we ensure his/her safety.

IPSA has years of experience providing reliable protective services for corporate key leaders and their workforces, politicians and diplomatic staff, NGO's and royal dignities - locally, nationally and internationally.

Advanced Service

The success of a protection effort truly lies within the intelligence driving it. Conducting advance visits to the locations the protective efforts will occur at empowers the protective team to ensure a safe and uneventful experience. Building relationships with resources, conducting in person route surveys, and collecting real time information significantly mitigate the opportunity for unexpected factors.

Most importantly the advanced team will understand what belong in the environment and what does not empowering them to quickly identify and avoid potential hazards and threats thus increasing the clients security.

IPSA Advanced agents have real-world experience and are prepared to assist organisations and individuals in staying abreast of emerging threats to their safety, and in maintaining business continuity in foreign or potentially hostile environments.

Diplomatic Security

Embassies, consulates, international institutions and their staff are, due to the increasing violence and tensions in the society, more and more obligated to spend higher attention to the security and safety. This demands a very specific approach. We are deeply committed to providing your embassy, diplomatic missions, consulates and high commissions with professional-grade security services.

IPSA`s Diplomatic Security Officers are criminal background checked and familiar with protocol methods. In addition, they have been trained in anti-terrorism and close protection.

In the public and operational environment, our Diplomatic Security Officers guarantee a discrete approach in the implementation of security measures. This also leads to the fact that the diplomatic staff and other persons feel comfortable in the presence of our officers.

Witness Protection

When building evidence in criminal cases, attorneys seek to secure witnesses that can help incriminate the guilty. Always on the minds of the witness is there safety and security.

IPSA specializes in providing witness protection before, during and after trials as needed. Our team of specially trained personnel is hand selected in order to ensure that our clients receive the best protection available. In addition to offering both personal security and protection services, IPSA can also secure housing facilities by providing on-site security 24 hours a day or move the witnesses to a safe place (‘safe-house’).

We work closely with legal teams and official authorities to provide witness protection in an effort to see justice being served. Our team of specially trained agents will protect your witnesses using the latest security measures, protection tactics and surveillance equipment.

If you have any enquiries about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staffs are always on hand to help.

Discretion - Privacy

IPSA Specialists operate with absoulte discretion. Our adaptive methods provide complete protective services without compromising your freedom or privacy.

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